SniperSpy Features

SniperSpy is an advanced way for parents and employers to monitor computer activity. This software contains all the latest features that will help gather the information you need to enforce punishments.

No one likes to be caught in the act of mischievous behavior, but sometimes it is necessary because some of these choices can lead to lifelong consequences.

Why Parents Use Computer Monitoring Software

sniperspyParents do not want to hinder their children by keeping them in a protective bubble. However, the internet is a world that is filled with negativity, and there are so many possibilities when it comes to engaging in activity that is not acceptable. Therefore, it is important that parents have a way to ensure their children are safe when working on a computer.

SniperSpy works hard to give parents the tools they need, because they understand parenting is a hard job. Thousands of individuals have turned to SniperSpy because of their advanced software and superior customer service.

Here is an overview of the features that SniperSpy has to offer.

Monitoring Features

  • All computer monitoring is done from a remote location so the user never has to know they are being monitored.
  • LIVE Screenshots: Allows the account holder to take instant screenshots and review them in real time.
  • Website History: records a log of websites that are visited that can be viewed in the online control panel.
  • Facebook Monitoring: Have access to screenshots, history, and keystrokes of all Facebook visits.
  • Chat Conversations: Recording of full chat conversations on major messenger services.
  • LIVE Keystrokes: You can view keystrokes in the LIVE control panel as they are being typed.
  • Profanity Alert Logs: Receive alerts anytime a page is visited that contains obscene words or other types of profanity.
  • Browse Remote Files: All logs can be downloaded and viewed from a remote computer.
  • Application Usage Logs: View which applications are used, as well as start and stop times.

SniperSpy Features

Filtering and Control Features

SniperSpy allows you to block forbidden activities, as well as send commands to the computer from a remote location.

  • Web Filter: You can determine which sites are acceptable, and which ones need to be blocked.
  • App Filter: You can filter and block apps through the online control panel.
  • Social Media Filter: Filter and Block any or all social sites that you do not want to be accessed.
  • Chat IM Filter: Ability to block all major chat services.
  • Time Control: Set time limits that the computer is allowed to be used through the online control panel.
  • Launch Application or URL: Launch apps or web address on the monitored computer from a remote location.
  • Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff: Send a command from a remote location that will shut down the monitored computer.
  • Remote Uninstall: Once you are finished monitoring the computer, you can do a remote uninstall.

SniperSpy knows what their customers want and need when it comes to monitoring computer activity. They continue to update and add new features as advancements are made. SinperSpy has your back when you’re not around.

Cell Phone Spy Software

Being the parent of a teenager can be stressful at times. Teenagers want to be independent yet are still responsible for their safety as well as their behavior. You need all the help you can get. Sometimes parents rely on other parents to inform them of their teenager’s activities but with cell phone spy software running on their phones you can get the truth 24 hours and 7 days a week. Here’s how this software helps you stay in control as a parent.

Knowing with Whom They are Communicating With

Cell phone spy software performs the most important task of telling you with whom your children or employees are communicating with. In the case of your teenagers, they may be communicating with friends who are a bad influence on them. Or, worse yet, your teenager may be getting unwanted calls and messages from perverts or bullies which you as a parent would of course want to know about.

The cell phone spy products out there on the market give you the tools to provide you with this knowledge from the monitored cell phone in several ways:

  • Logging each call sent and received with caller name/number, date, time, and call duration
  • Sending you message texts from SMS, email, and third-party chat applications
  • Allowing you to listen in on the actual call on the remote phone
  • Sending you alerts when calls are made/received from pre-defined numbers/contacts
  • Listening in on surrounding sounds to pick up external conversations
  • Reporting who is in the contacts file on the remote device

These features are critical when looking to buy the best cell phone spy software product.

There are many spy software programs available to choose from: I recommend Mobile Spy and StealthGenie.

What Are They Saying?

The ability to track SMS, email, and third-party chat messages was mentioned in the previous section. It’s important that any cell phone spy software app that you purchase will send the full text of the message to your subscriber control panel. How else will you know what your kids are saying?

Cell phone spy software that has the feature of alert notifications when certain words are used in text messages is even better. This allows you to be a proactive parent instead of a reactive one. Software with this feature taps into a data store of profanity words, allows you to configure your own keywords, or a combination of both. You can configure words related to drugs, sexual activity, or anything else that you would want to know about as a parent.

Really? You’re There?

gps trackingA favorite trick teenagers like to pull on their parents is telling them they are somewhere that they are actually not. For example, if they should be in the library after school but are somewhere else you would naturally like to know this as a parent.

A smartphone without cell phone spy software running on it cannot be tracked. There is not really any way to know its location unless you see a Facebook post by your teenager when his phone’s GPS tracking is turned on. Otherwise, there is little chance of knowing.

But with cell phone monitoring software, you get the GPS location of the monitored cell phone at regular intervals. Some products let you define the interval. Then some products even provide near-real time location tracking so that you don’t have to wait for scheduled update.

Then, when your teenager tells you he is at a certain place, you can check and ask the question, “Really? You’re there?”

The Dangers of Photos

Today’s smartphones are nice with their cameras that allow the taking of pictures anywhere. But sometimes your teenagers get carried away taking inappropriate self-shots of a sexual nature and posting them on social networking sites such as Twitter.

The concern is that pictures such as these will draw stalkers and sexual predators. You as a parent would certainly want to know if your teenager is taking and posting pictures such as these thus you want cell phone spy software that uploads photos taken on the phone to your secure subscriber area for viewing at the control panel.

Cell phone spy software is even better than just checking the monitored phone because even if your teenager deletes those pictures, you have them captured in your control panel area and can confront them with the truth.

Stay in Control

Of course there are other features in cell phone spy software that provide you as a parent with the tools that you need to be effective when it comes to your teenager. For example, most all of these products report websites visited from the monitored device.

Don’t buy a smartphone for your teenager without purchasing cell phone tracking software and installing it before you give it to her. Make a list of the important features to you and purchase the right spy product as soon as you get the phone.

Whether you’re a mom who wants to monitor her kids’ use of the computer or an office manager who wants a way to keep tabs on every computer in the office, Mobistealth Computer Monitoring software is EXACTLY what you need! The mobistealth PC spy software is an all-in-one monitoring solution. It is loaded with advanced and innovative monitoring features, yet it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is install it on the Windows or MAC and you’ll start getting all the information you need to know to your Mobistealth online viewing account.

Information you will get include:

  • Screen Shots (done at Regular Intervals)
  • Complete Yahoo and MSN Chat Log
  • Complete Web History
  • Surround Recording
  • Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail Logging
  • Skype Chat & Call Recording

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